AlFadhel Group

Our Community

The founders of AlFadhel Group believe in the proverb that says “what goes around comes around”, as a part of its increasing genuine social responsibility commitments towards the community, and not just for superficial or publicity purposes, AlFadhel Group has established AlFadhel Foundation which has and continues to be a generous and a discrete contributor to charitable and social responsibility causes exercising high ethical and humanitarian standards for the well-being of society and all internal and external environments it interacts with.

AlFadhel Group’s contributions take varied ways; besides donating to programs to aid the underprivileged and distressed individuals and families, the Group is also active in fund raising for children needs, in supporting local social organizations, programs and worthwhile causes, in sponsoring and co-sponsoring local activities that benefit all walks of life in the community.

AlFadhel Group has a serious stance for the environment as it sets a good example by acting responsibly at all levels employing environmentally friendly in house measures in attempts to help preserve the environment, believing that every individual can become a force for good and clean environment.