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Alpha Group Co. W.L.L

alphaAlpha Group was founded in 2005 with a capital of 1,000,000 Kuwaiti dinars, and the company is considered one of the investment arms of Al Fadhel Group.

The company specializes in the Franchise business and in the representation of international companies that seek to invest in local P.P.P and/or B.O.T projects through a local partner that provides initial studies, prequalification and tender documents of projects introduced by state institutions.

The company invests in small projects or Venture Capital, such as the 20% ownership of Blue Print company that specializes in providing feasibility studies and rare opportunities, in addition to a broad base of clients’ data.

Alpha Group Company has an evident activity in the real estate sector in Kuwait, G.C.C. and the Middle East, as per available opportunities. Alpha Group owns and manages properties in the State of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Lebanon, as the company is looking to expand in this arena in Europe and North America.

Alpha Group also has investments in the field of Health and Sport sector along with strategic partners, such as the investment of Sabahiya Park Health Club, that is located in a unique populated zone over an area exceeding ​​1000 square meters.

Alpha Group is also among certified companies by the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries, Alpha Group manages a farm for sheep nurturing and breeding and growing animal feed in Abdali Town on an area of ​​over 100 hectares, as a part of the State of Kuwait’s food security plan.

Alpha Group has acquired the first license right by eBay global auctions website to act as a local intermediary to provide an interface between local customers and eBay, to post certain desired buying and selling orders. The services provided by Alpha Group include a comprehensive review of the goods posted and record its data and warranty for the buyer, ordering the goods desired on behalf of the local buyer’s, and clearing it from customs and delivering it to the customer site, in addition to all work interfaces, whether related to financial facilities or contracts with global carriers.

Alfha Group Company also possesses rich expertise in the security fields, as it represents a number of European companies specialized in these areas, and the company had previously signed significant deals in this field.

You may reach :

Eng.Barrak Alfadhel
Executive Manager
Alpha Group Gen Trad. & Contracting