AlFadhel Group



This enterprise is the first step in the journey for expansion offering valuable online marketing and shopping services for customers in Kuwait. These services consist of:

1.         Online shopping assistant.

2.         Online advertising (emagic posts).

3.         Classified ads

Online shopping assistant

emagic locates item wanted by customers from certain local or international vendors, buy it on their behalf and ship it to them, eliminating by that issues of payment security, inability to accept overseas credit cards, and uncertainty of item delivery. As well as eliminating language barrier through its Arabic interface, e-magic retains well trained service oriented staff specialized in this line of business, operating through an office in Kuwait and another in Manhattan, New York.

emagic posts

Through this service individuals or businesses can post offers to sell ads, with an option to build their own e-store, on a user friendly, fully detailed and categorized website that has its own search engine in return for a marginal fee.

Classified ads

Free personal mini posts that consist of the following:

1.    Jobs vacancies

2.    Resumes.

3.    Services (lessons & tutoring, cleaning, repair…etc.)

4.    Community (announcements, lost &found, volunteers…etc.).

5.    Wanted (looking for something? Post what you are looking for).

6.    Miscellaneous items.